The world was shocked to hear the news of Taylor Hawkins, who was a drummer for foo fighter such talented artist died on Friday in Bogota city, Colombia. He lost his life before being a part of the stereos picinica festival. This news has surprised the world, but the reason behind his death was still unknown.

The initial previews published by a newspaper stated that Bogota’s police had noted some aspects related to death, and that is drug abuse. However, the investigation was still at the initial stage during that time, and authorities were trying to figure out the actual reason.

According to the relatives, the leading cause behind the death of Taylor Hawkins is still not determined yet. But it can be related to narcotics, whereas the collected versions have stated that Hawkins was dealing with severe chest pain and have asked for assistance regarding medical emergency in his room. Let’s unveil more about the whole scenario at the points listed below. Take a look here: –

Vital information regarding the death of such inspirational artist: 

  • Rare people aren’t aware that Taylor Hawkins was the drummer for foo fighters for about 25 years. He had a best friend who was the frontman named daveGrohl. He also died during their tour to South Africa when he was in his 50s.
  • Besides that, fans need to know that there are no instant details regarding Hawkins’s death released to the press. But the band has stated that they have lost a valuable team member that was the most tragic death and untimely loss.
  • Foo fighters are the ones who have recently arrived in Bogota, Colombia, to perform on Friday night. But who have thought that it could be Taylor’s last concert. Apart from it, Taylor was scheduled to perform again on Sunday for another festival in San Isidro, Argentina.
  • According to statements at S Chronicles, Hawkins was such a musical spirit and dedicated to his job. The police vehicles, ambulance, and fans have gathered outside the hotel and believed that Hawkins is still alive.

Musical experiences and performance of late Taylor Hawkins: 

  • If you don’t know, Taylor was Alanis Morrissette’s turning drummer, and he had joined foo fighters in 1997. He was a great artist as he has pled on the bigger band albums like on your honor, one by one, best of you and my hero. These are the album and singles where he had given one of his best performances.
  • In Grohl’s book in 2021, people learned about the bond and relationship that Hawkins and Grohl share. The book was named ‘the storyteller ‘in this book; he has called Hawkins as a ‘brother from another mother, best friend and a man for whom he can take a bullet.’
  • But Grohl had died before Taylor Hawkins. It can be considered a traumatic experience for Hawkins.

At last, the main cause of Hawkins’s death is still not clarified, but it can be drug abuse, according to some internal sources.