Joe Rogan – a successful stand-up comedian, UFC commentator, and former host of Fear Factor – is also the marquee name behind one of the most popular and entertaining podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience.

What separates The JRE from other podcasts is that it isn’t just informative content; listeners have also found comedy, passion for life, philosophy, and a lot of weirdness. Here are described major reasons behind the popularity of the Joe Rogan podcast.

  1. Podcast provides inspiring stories:

Let’s face reality; there is always something that doesn’t add up in life. Nobody is perfect, and all of us will have to make compromises. So, what makes us happy? What does one need to be successful in life? A podcast like The Joe Rogan Experience offers some good stories of success and happiness. Everyone can relate to these stories and manage to find inspiration in them.

  1. Podcast provides professional insights:

Joe has a list medical background and helps people suffering from depression by providing professional insights on mental health. He also discusses various therapeutic themes, including death anxiety, pain management, mindfulness meditation, and co-dependency.

  1. The podcast provides fun content:

The best podcasts are always about substance with a good sense of humor. The Joe Rogan Experience is no different. It has funny jokes, enlightening insight, and thought-provoking discussions, making it one of the most memorable podcasts in the world. A podcast like this can be wonderful for anyone at any stage of life and situation.

It’s also very easy to listen to. You can easily follow along or skip parts that don’t interest you. This removes the pressure from listening and gives you the freedom to listen when you have time to spare without waiting for a new episode every week.

  1. Podcast allows listening to different conversations:

If you love podcasts and have been looking for a podcast that provides more than one person talking all day, then you are in luck. The Joe Rogan Experience hosts other people too. Many of which are not just stand-up comedians but also doctors, psychologists, therapists, and authors.

The guests on the show offer different perspectives on various topics making it all the more interesting. If you enjoy these guests’ appearances, you will be happy to know that there are several episodes with this content each week.

  1. Podcast offers a variety of topics:

If you love to banter, then this is the right podcast for you. The Joe Rogan Experience provides topics ranging from entertainment and sports to personal development, marijuana, relationships, etc. So if you want to talk about the latest Black Panther movie or some sports event, there are many episodes dedicated just for that.

But if you want something more serious like a discussion on meditation or how to become stronger with the help of martial arts, there are plenty of episodes on those topics as well. In addition, the Joe Rogan Experience has something for everyone and every mood.