Our life is so much unpredictable, and according to that, we all are, the humans as our life gives us lots of miseries at times; sometimes it comes with roses of bed and sometimes it feels like we are sitting on a bed which has inbuilt pins and that is rotten inside of us. So though life is full of sadness and happiness, no one knows what will happen in our life in the upcoming hours or even the coming days.

Although technology has advanced so much that with its help, we can predict anything like the upcoming tsunami and the feature of the galaxy, which are millions of light years away from our earth.

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Origin of astrology  

The origin of our local science, known as astrology, dates back to the ancient cradle type of civilization; some researchers have stated that it was made in the nineteenth century BC. As some researchers have cleared, astrology is highly regarded as a science initially used to predict the weather, natural disaster, agricultural development etc.

Recently, astrology has entered into our daily lifestyle, and most of the people who are using or want to use astrology have a common reason for it: they want to foresee their future.

Primary three schools of astrology     

Our astrology is vast and unique; it has many different forms and ways by which we can practice it in our daily life; astrology is divided into three major parts, which are known as astrology schools and Indian astrology, Western astrology and Chinese astrology.

Indian astrology  

This is popularly known as Jyotish vidya or Vedic astrology; one of the great sages, Parasara, has developed this concept of Indian astrology. In addition, some of the great Indian astrologers have worked on the Indian school of astrology and written many knowledgeable books on it by which one can learn astrology and quickly apply it.

Western astrology    

This astrology is mainly famous in the US and Europe. Was originated in the 2nd millennium BC, but researchers are saying; they don’t have any proper proof of it; other sayings regarding this astrology are that it was developed a long time after Chinese astrology, as the Arabs brought this astrology to Greece. Western astrology mainly has two branches which are known as natal and judicial.

Chinese astrology  

This is one the oldest school of astrology if we compare it to Indian astrology; according to some people, this astrology school has been originated thousands of years back, and this has entered china through the same silk route that the Asians used through trading and this route, the Buddhism entered China from India also this astrology provides various benefits and most of the familiar people beliefs in a lot.