Using natural treatment for your dog can be the most effective one. There are several benefits of Using CBD oil for dogs. It can help them to relieve stress and anxiety. Also, they are effective for their immune and digestive system. Before buying CBD for your dog, there are a few things that you must know about.

Things You Should Know About Cannabidiol for Your Dog

1.     Check The Certificate of Analysis

One of the most important things before buying any cannabidiol for your dog is to check their analysis certification. You can check COA on the label of the packaging. It will show you what amount of THC is present in the product. Only select the ideal product for your dog with the right amount of substance.

2.  Major Tests That You Should Look at on Certificate of Analysis.

  • Microbial test – Make sure to get results from pathogens like salmonella or E. coli.
  • Heavy metal test – Metal test shows the result of pollutants such as lead in the oil.
  • Pesticides test – This test detects pesticides, which is necessary because CBD is obtained from crops, and other crops might contaminate them.

3.    Choose CBD With No THC

CBD can be found in both cannabis and hemp plant. If you are going to take cannabidiol from the cannabis plant, then it will contain more THC than 0.3%. It is a psychoactive drug that can make you high. On the other hand, using cannabidiol from him comes with a legal limit of 0.3% and below.

After taking them, your dog will not feel high. It would not become toxic for your dog. Using more levels of TTC can lead to several problems like vomiting, diarrhoea and many more diseases if not taken care of properly.

4.     Never Use Hemp Oil

Beware of the label. Some manufacturers do label their CBD oil as hemp oil products. Hemp oil only cannot be beneficial for dogs, but the label will always show their benefits. A necessary element to treat your dog with a perfectionist is CBD. So, always check the product’s level to know what CBD is used in the product.

5.     Choose Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum and cannabidiol are isolate products best known for dogs. Spectrum does not only contain cannabidiol in them. It has many natural ingredients like terpenes t that would be perfect for your furry baby. One of the major benefits of using a product with a perfect certificate of analysis is that it would not provide any side effects to your dog.

Choosing the right amount of THC would also ensure your dog will never suffer and won’t make them high.


These are a few things that a person must know about before buying the right product for their dog. All the elements can have a huge impact on the wellness of your dog. Aware of the labels and other fake things in the market, check the COA properly before getting the perfect item for your cute buddy.