There are many options and features are available to host websites nowadays. Some of the standard features are also available for free web hosting. Free web hosting is also an imperative decision for hosting the web.

Most people like to use this host because it helps save money, and it is a powerful method because it provides powerful features to host the website. People always prefer to use the free fox moon hosting because of the flexibility and convenience. There are described some features of free web host for websites in the next paragraph..

Uptime and support

You have to choose a free web hosting service with free and reliable telephone and email. The host of the web provides just in case to the measurement of website and email. This measurement includes the network controller, server of the whole day, hardware, backup power, and network configuration. If a free web host provides these things, you may not understand the technicalities completely. In addition, the free web host does not provide a 100 percent guaranty of uptime.

Disk space and bandwidth

The term disk space refers to the amount of space assigned for the free web host providers. The space is utilized to store the website files; audio, images, text, etc. bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic during the accessibility of the website. When a person visits your website, then they can receive the information that you are mentioned on your website.

They can also view the images, listen to the audio clip also. Moreover, visitors can also download the files. One of the most important things is that if your website has plenty of graphics or photographs, you need greater bandwidth and higher storage.

FTP and website creator

If you have limited experience and the first website, then a free hosting website provides multiple website creation applications. In creating a website, initially, you have to choose a simple template from a free web host and then edit the text and images of that template.

FTP is a protocol that transfers the files of a website, and it stands for file transfer protocol. With the help of this protocol, you can upload your file with images and multimedia files. Moreover, a good host provider always offers unrestricted FTP access.


If you want to free web hosting provider, then you have an excellent opportunity to use these basic features of a free web host for your website. In addition, with the help of these features, you have no need to compromise with price, and you can make a suitable and effective website by the use of basic web host features.


Your free web host provides an email service so people can set up their accounts. Additionally, you can log in to your account and manage your web browser for the mail service. The mail service includes some protocols like SMTP and POP3 for accessing the email for using mobile devices and setting up the account.