The rise in online casinos is a relatively recent phenomenon that has seen a significant increase. Games like online slots and card games like dragon tiger (เสือมังกร) are one of the favorite choices of every gambler. With this increased number of casinos, one must be able to decipher whether or not they abide by their privacy policy. The importance of a well-defined privacy policy for an online casino is that it protects the customer from any potential sketchy activity from the casino itself.

Due to some online casinos’ bad reputations in recent years, they must adhere to strict policies on privacy for their customers. But, overall, players should feel comfortable using the more reputable and anonymous providers. So, how exactly do online casinos maintain their privacy? It all comes down to the security measures that they have in place immediately after users have signed up for the casino.

  • Security Minders

First and foremost, online casinos take security measures that are not suspicious. They hire security minders to oversee certain activities of their users. For example, the security minder would report this activity if a user were to try to access prohibited websites or upload files that the casino does not want on its server. The report would lead to a one-time password sent from the casino through email. Once this password is sent, users can only gain access to their account when they use this password to sign in.

  • Verification through Email

In today’s world, a lack of privacy is unheard of. Online casinos use email as another security device to monitor users to maintain confidentiality and security. For example, if one sets up an account with the casino and then goes live in the chatroom and says they wish to cash out their account immediately. The casino will immediately contact that individual through email and verify that statement in such a case. If they were lying, the casino staff could potentially be caught red-handed.

  • User ID

One of the most critical privacy measures online casinos take is their user IDs (username). Almost every online casino will require a user to use their actual name or an anonymous name in this day and age. This is very important because users feel more comfortable using their primary names to interact with the chatroom or other players. However, if users are uncomfortable using their names, they may avoid sharing personal information with others.

  • Scam Alerts

People typically don’t think much about this measure. However, it’s standard practice for online casinos to send out scam notifications when players have been scammed out of their hard-earned money or have their accounts hacked. If a player is scammed while playing any game, for instance, card games like dragon tiger (เสือมังกร), they must immediately alert the casino to get their money back. Once the casino has been notified of the issue, they will ask that user for proof of the scam. This can include any recording done on a webcam or camera and any messages sent to them by the hacker.